Hiro International Inc.

About Us
Export & Import For Computer Hardware/Software
And Electronis Components.
  * Computer Software Developments
      Collaborated with
・Processor Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India, since 1985

  * Export of Electronics Components
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  * Japanese Restaurant HARIMA in Bangalore.
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Hiro Investment Inc.

About Us

Investing For Foreign Companies/Projects
And Management Of Real Estate Held By Hiro Group.

  * Peermedu Resorts Project (Kerala State, South India)
                                     SEE DEATAILS
  * Management of Real Estate held by Hiro Group
     ・ Kanasi Supermarket
       ・ Megane-Ichiba Glasses Chain shop
       ・ Nigiri-Chojiro Sushi Restaurant
     ・ Car Parking Lot

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