Expansion plans


The shape of things to come
palace-1.jpg (26088 bytes)palace-5.jpg (21453 bytes)The basic facilities, space and abundant natural beauty are already in place. With some imaginative touches here and there, a few additional frills and amenities, a little spring cleaning and some more building work, the palace complex can be turned into the  finest hill resorts in Kerala.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Restoration of the palace to its original glory, with the unique Kerala ambience and architectural style kept fully alive.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Conversion of the courtyard into a spacious, well-equipped convention centre.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Construction of an auditorium, club house and health centre.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Building an artificial lake around the natural waterspring.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Addition of a few residential cottages along the slope of the hill -
from the existing palace to the lake.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Construction of a modern helopad near the present tennis court.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Landscaping of the entire campus, fully following the natural lay of the land.
but.jpg (5264 bytes) Construction of walkways throughout the campus with flowering trees and ornamental lighting along the two sides.


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